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Staff Employment & Pay Agreement


For any work placements organised and booked by Instrumental, the following rates will be applied:

One-to-one sessions:

  • £15 per hour for assistant roles, including pastoral placements

  • £30 per hour for facilitators

Group sessions:

  • £30 per hour for sessions with up to 8 participants

  • An additional £4 per hour for every extra participant 

Invoicing: Individuals are authorised to submit invoices to Instrumental at the conclusion of each academic half-term for work conducted before the invoicing date, unless alternative arrangements have been established.

Tax and Statutory Payments: Individuals engaged with Instrumental are classified as self-employed and, as such, are responsible for remitting their own taxes to HMRC, including any other statutory payments owed to the UK government.

Non-Solicitation Agreement: Individuals affiliated with Instrumental acknowledge and commit to refrain from soliciting work organised for them by Instrumental. In the event of a breach of this agreement, Instrumental reserves the right to seek reimbursement for any resulting losses.

Date: 1/02/24

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